RE: [coldbox:9575] Random AutoWire error

Just to confirm, is /Library/WebServer/Documents/TopicaFinal/jboss-5.0.1.GA/server/default/deploy/cfusion.war/coldbox/system/plugins/Utilities.cfc the correct path?

I don’t know much about jboss, but is it possible that you (or someone else) is doing a hot deploy at the same time and the file doesn’t exist at that instant?


That is the correct path.

Because this is my local development machine and I'm the only one on
this I don't believe a hot deploy would be happening. All I'm doing at
the point I've seen these errors is just clicking a link in the app to
move from point A to point B. It is entirely possible that JBoss is
doing something behind the scenes I'm not aware of.

This isn't a huge deal since it's only my dev environment and have not
run into this in our production environment, I was just curious if
someone might have come across this before and knew of a fix.