RE: [coldbox:9609] WireBox Dependency warnings

Also, to highjack my own thread, the current warning in 3.0 doesn’t NOT tell you what CFC was being wired when it ran across the dependency it couldn’t locate.

When Builder.buildDSLDependency() logs the warning at the bottom of the method, it doesn’t know what object is being wired because the only thing passed into the method is the definition struct. I think we should either let the buildDSLDependency method know what object is being wired so it can log more meaningful messages, or we should move the logging up to a higher level that is aware of what is going on if that makes sense.

Additionally, the warn can be changed to a throw which can be caught and rethrown higher with the additional information. That would keep the API between methods simple, but allow the “higher” method to log the warning/error with all the necessary information no matter which sequence of methods were called to reach that point. (for instance, some calls to buildDSLDependency pass through buildSimpleDSL first.)