RE: [coldbox:9822] Model Integration, Wirebox & Autowire Interceptor?

I think WireBox is eventually replacing the autowire interceptor and model integration is just a fancy word for working with your models in an application (via your DI/ioc container) and the other utility methods ColdBox provides such as populateModel().

In general, I don’t think you should have to use the autowire interceptor directly. It’s just a part of the system that makes sure certain pieces of the framework (like handlers) get wired (using WireBox to do the wiring).

Don’t take my word for it though as I’m partially guessing :slight_smile:



Hi Henry.

The autowire interceptor’s job is to wire up dependencies for: handlers, interceptors, and plugins using the wirebox injection DSL. Basically, it talks to WireBox and sends in handlers, interceptors and plugins for autowiring. In future versions this will disappear as WireBox will be the central guy creating everything, so it will simply some things.

Model Integration via WireBox
Model integration is just the name for it but basically means how you integrate with the domain model objects using WireBox specifically and not other DI or IoC containers. When you use getModel() and conventions, under the hood you are really using WireBox, which is separate from the autowire interceptor.

Does this help clarify?

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So if I use Wirebox in Coldbox, then calling getModel() is actually injector.getInstance()?