RE: [contentbox-version] Emails for comments not working

Preferably, specify that the “from” address needs to be the site admin (in case the poster had SPF records on their domain).
The fail-to address should be the site admin as well. I’ve had blog software send ME failure notices when I commented on someone’s blog and some of the subscriber addresses were bad.



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Yeah what Brad says.

I think I did raise a ticket already, can’t remember was dog tired when I noticed this. I am also wondering if we can switch this with a flag, like the Admin, so that those who might like to switch it off can also do so.

But we also do need a way to search better too, for example search by comment author name, email or comment, so that we can manually delete these.

I am currently deleting around 15 comments a day due to pure Spam, and some are very hard to distinguish if they are real or not, so I have allowed a few comments, but if they do post Spam I would like to fully remove their comments and ban them from the system.


Search in the admin?

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Damn, so used to only looking at the blog posts, didn’t ever notice that there is a search for comments as well :frowning: