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That might be documented somewhere, but it would be nice if the installer let me know instead of just trying and erroring repeatedly. I realize though, that you might not have control over that part since if I understand, your service is built on top of the Microsoft web installer platform which is actually doing the installation.



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You are correct, we don't have control over installation process, especially of products like IIS Express. Plus Microsoft likes to change the game from time to time. I will document system requirements on installation page.

Thank you for feedback.
If someone have already triednthis installation scenario I will also appreciate feedback on it.

Hi Yaroslav, I went ahead and installed it in my windows 7 machine. The first time it had to download and install lot of components and it actually failed. I took a screenshot and will send it in another email. Then I click install again and this time it did perfectly.


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Hello Luis.

Glad to hear it finally worked.
Please provide installation logs, it would be more informative than screenshot. You can find installation logs for Web Platform Installer in the following location:

C:\Users%UserName%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\logs\install\

There you will find several folders with dates in the names - these are dates of installations. Put into zip file several of your last installations, which will include the failing one. We will investigate it as we need to make sure this is not a persistent problem. Unfortunately downloading many of scattered components often fail. For example fresh installation of complete Ruby package almost never succeed from the first attempt - one of required gems or modules always unaccessible or HTTP connection fails.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hi Yaroslav,

Here are the logs. (551 KB)

Thank you, Luis.

The logs provided did not indicate any significant problems.

We have moved Content Box package to Helicon Zoo release feed now.

Awesome. Can you provide me some instructions for this so I can add them to the official docs please

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Hello, Luis.

I wrote a simple article with instructions: Installing ContentBox CMS on Windows with IIS | Helicon Tech Blog
You can use it in your documentation.

One more thing:
On the last step of ContentBox installation wizard, if you choose URL Rewrite: IIS7, instead of adding rules to web.config file it completely replaces it. This breaks any existing web site configurations, including Helicon Zoo.
Also I suggest to beta-test this installation a little bit, as I am not familiar with the product and cannot tell whether it is working as expected or not.