RE: [contentbox-version] Re: ContentBox Connection Today at Noon CST

Hey everyone, we had a good discussion today about theming the ContentBox Admin.

I didn’t record the entire thing, but I recorded the last half when we were sharing some screens and talking about a couple different theme options:

The note we came away with are below. Our big question right now is whether we are talking about having a single static layout with perhaps customizable colors, or full-on theming support with admin themes on ForgeBox, etc. Most of us are leaning toward the latter, but Jeremy D does have some concerns about getting something out there as quickly as possible and maybe releasing the full theming as a second phase. (Please correct me if I’m misquoting :slight_smile:

Richard demoed his work so far on his concept and Jeremy demoed a pre-built open source responsive layout too. I suggested that if we do full theme support for the admin that we work on two themes concurrently to test it and have built-in as examples.

The other bulk of the conversation that I think happened before I started the recording was how to best share code with many people working on the same things. Is it possible to open permissions on this branch so we can all push changes directly there without waiting for pull requests to be merged for everything? That would allow us to share what’s going on a lot faster. If that doesn’t work, one of us can fork and open permissions on our fork for us to share code.

Luis, right now we need some executive decision making on what the scope should be that we work on and how to best share code as we work.

not sure if its concerns as much as value of our collective time. buying verse building is something all developers struggle with :-). I’m just LAZY and want to take the easiest approach which probably isn’t the smartest thing long term.

I TOTALLY love what Richard is doing!! Keep up the great work!

Thanks Jeremy :slight_smile:

Yeah I definitely see the advantage of buying something, though I tend to just build what I need. That way I know every inch of the project, which makes things easier for me to manage and I’m not filling projects with stuff I don’t need. I also agree with doing it in stages new skin first and adding full theme support at a later date.

I know I’m biased but I think giving ContentBox a unique custom interface would be great even if it’s not my design. I wont be offended if it goes a different route.


Guys, sorry I missed this.

I looked at Jeremy’s design but that is from wrap bootstrap and 900 for extended license. Let me think about it.

I do like the idea to start from scratch with bootstrap and make it our design. So I am leaning towards Richard design in that area, this way the design belongs to the community.

I think phase II should be the ability to theme the admin and you can switch, install, etc. I think for now, we just need to revamp it, make it responsive and use LESS. Which we all would need to learn.

I think the best way to work is for me to open the repo to you guys so we can collaborate on the feature branches. So Can you please send me your github username’s so I can create the ContentBox team please.

Also, it would be great if Richard can take lead in this endeavor.

I would also like for us to keep a set of documentation on best practices for internal development on this. We can put them in the workbench directory. This way, we can have in the repo how to build the admin themes, skin them etc. We can then use that to publish in the official docs.

I am ready to start guys, so Richard, take us home!!


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My GitHub username is existdissolve.

Richard, let me know how I can help–i’m happy to do whatever I can to contribute.