RE: [contentbox-version] Re: Localisation Widgets & Modules

I like the idea of localizing in the database, but when a module is activated, how will it register its localizations?

Also, how will we handle the following

  • Admin is set to German, but module is activated with only English and Spanish. Should there be a default language for that module to display in since it can’t do German.

  • In the above scenario, let’s say the main admin didn’t have a Spanish resource bundle. Would it be possible to ever use the module’s resource bundle for Spanish?

  • When adding a new resource bundle to the admin, would we require you to fill out every single field, or would we default the ones you hadn’t set to a default language until you can finished them all?

  • Could there be a way for people to submit their translations to us for consideration into the core?

  • What if the resource bundles were modules in themselves? That would allow people to submit their own Swahili translation to ForgeBox and people could install the Swahili module to add that language.

Just some thoughts/questions…



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