RE: How easy would it be to add something like this via a module or widget?

Ahh, I see. I misunderstood and thought you were saying that was how you always entered your code blocks in BlogCFC.

I guess it makes sense that the editor in ContentBox hides the blocks since they are tags. I always just used the basic textarea editor in BlogCFC so I never had to worry about that.


I use Windows Live Writer to write blog posts, so it is not an issue on that side. But what I am asking for here is nothing to with blogCFC except for the importer I wrote. The importer takes the content checks for and converts it too


So I did that on the assumption that this would become a standard here.

So when editing in ContentBox, I can manually type thats no big deal, but as all imported posts are wrapped with the <pre> tag, then I now am looking at how I can say paste code and have it wrapped with <pre>[code]

so that the ContentBox editor will be consistent with imported posts.

Glad that you see the problem.

Video would be great!

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ok, take a little while for Vimeo to do its stuff but here.

Hopefully this makes it clearer as to what I am asking for here. As you can see by the typing, that it is hard to get this right, even though I knew what the problem was I had to edit it a number of times before the getting it right.

What I am asking for eliminates the back and forth all the time, and saving versions of the content when the was no real need to do so in the first place.

K so add htmleditformat to the comment content?

Also I think the pull request didn’t go through

I use customtags in my layout and would like to call renderview() from inside those tags. Can you please tell me the best syntax to use to call the renderview() function from there?



Pass the event object into your custom tag as an attribute. Then call #attributes.event.renderView()#.


How does that help me with the Video?

Well all I know is I can’t do another pull request because there is one open. Which has the blogCFC importer and other fixes that I have made.

Weird will look into it.

Is there no other way?

These custom tags are used in the layout as dynamic replacements for HTML tags. They allow the designers to replace with cms:body. Having to add in additional attributes to the tag would defeat the purpose.

I was hoping to figure out a way of using “caller.” for this…


using caller is very bad practice.

Do you have any better suggestion?

I could use: application.cbcontroller.getPlugin(‘renderer’).renderView()

Does anybody actually have a better idea about how this could be handled?

First I would like to know why you want to call renderView from inside the custom tag.

And secondly, why can’t you pass it through the attribute as Matt suggested.

As already described, I use them for layout tags and tag replacements.

As an example, to turn a static HTML design into a CML layout, designers simply replace their and tags with cms:body and </cms:body> tags. Menus and other dynamic block tags work the same way.

Having to add in an extra attribute to these tags for Coldbox would defeat their purpose.

I can get this to work. I was just wondering if somebody knew of the most efficient way to do it.

Did you ever think of tag parent and child relationships?

For example you could have

<cms:html attributes="#event#">


Which would then save this into the tag, you can then use the children to tie it to this parent, in turn pulling that out without passing into the children.

So you could essential still do

<cms:html attributes="#event#">





But I am sort of curious why you are integrating a CMS into a CMS though.