Re-Init just the current handler

Hi Guys,

Is there any way i can just re-init only the current handler instead
doing the fwreinit ?

What do you mean?

Un cache a single handler?

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Is the handler cached? You can just evict it from cache then. If not,
then it shouldn't need to be re-inited as your changes will be


yes cached hander.

Actually i am creating a interceptor which will be re-init or clear it
from the cache based on the URL param.


then i just want that handler "general" clear it from the cache which
should work for any requesting handler.

i don't know i am making it clear.


Sorry, I guess I am not tracking with what you are trying to accomplish.


Hi Cutz,

you guys are so fast on the response.

ok let me try explaining this way.

All my handlers are cached.
now i want work on one of the cached handlers.
i just want to see that changes without re-initing the entire
framework using fwreinit.

how do i do that ? i really appreciate your help.


oops! sorry i misspelled your name Curt.

index.cfm?debugpanel=cache&debugmode=true will show you what is in cache and you can delete it.


Yea you can use the cache panel to purge items very easy. I'd you want URL params the build a cool little interceptor that can listen to your very own commands and take over the world.

Sorry, lack of sleep is making me weird. Back to baby diapers.

Thats easy. coo

thanks for you help Curt.

Thanks Luis.