RE: Making changes to themes, modules, widgets on a constant basis hangs ColdFusion 9.01

Can you provide a stack trace of a thread in such a state?
Also, what URLs are you loading in jMeter to reproduce.



At the moment the url is just /blog and the users or threads is set at 100, so its very low.

It just hangs, now its the same as when I hit the pages on my own. It will eventually just hang. Now I did in one of my tests get a hibernate query timeout, but that was a once off.

I have been trying all different things, and I am not sure what to say. ColdFusion has 2gb for its GC it is using about 10% of this at any given time, even when I throw it 1000 concurrent users. But the requests in FusionReactor blow out to 300secs thats right each request gets longer and longer.

I noticed the same thing with FR if I hit fresh 10 times, the requests get longer, and eventually you can hit the jackpot and it will hang as well.

I know something is not right here, so I decided to put it up on a production server. And it runs better, but I can still get it to run out to 15 secs for a page refresh, but just hitting the browser refresh. However I was not able to get CF to hang, which is kinda good because my host would kill me :frowning:

As for stack traces, from where? The logs report nothing when it hangs, but I can tell you that when you try to kill ColdFusion service in Windows, it can take about 15minutes to kill it.

Here is FR longeest request info