RE: RE: [coldbox:7346] Re: WireBox Suggestions

I did share it way back when this thread began. If you check the thread on the Google Groups site the code is in there.
It’s insanely simple. I just grabbed a user bean cfc from my app that has 7 singletons wired into it with cfproperty tags (mostly services and daos). I looped 150 times and ran a createObject directly on that CFC, and then another 150 loops where I ask the beanFactory to getModel() for me which includes the overhead of autowiring and dealing with the cache. For my “concurrency” tests I just opened up several browsers and hit refresh on all of them :slight_smile: I snagged my stack traces from SeeFusion. (I would usually bump it out to 1500 loops just to keep the request running long enough to get several stack traces before it completed)

Here it is again if you want to try it. Just replace the cfc with one from your app. It might be interesting to see a comparison with other types of injection like setter and constructor.