RE: RE: [coldbox:8054] Cache is not registered errors

Hmm, after spending several minutes poking around in that trace, I can't
see anything wrong right off. The renderer plugin's init() is just
asking for the template cache from the controller reference which was
passed in. The controller should just using the cacheBox reference that
the LoaderService set in when the app started up.

Is there any chance that the framework was being re-initted when the
error occurred either by this request or by another concurrent request.

Also, you don't have configAutoReload set to true in your config file,
do you? That reloads everything on every request and may be giving you
some interesting race conditions (not to mention performance
degradation). Even though the setting is there, I don't really
recommend turning it on--even in dev.



Hi Brad,

Some of these errors may be happening during reinit, but most are not. Also, I checked the setting for
configAutoReload, it is set to false.