RE: Re: Re: Re: [coldbox:18114] [coldbox 3.5.3] referencing plugin in configure() in wirebox.cfc

Where is the getUtilities() method declared and what does it do? Is it returning NULL?

> By design, cannot the binder inject plugins in configure() or is that a bug?

Yes, it should work. That’s why we’re helping you. The problem is you’re asking us to help you debug errors in your code that we can’t see.



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here is the declare:

property name=“utilities” inject=“coldbox:plugin:utilities”;

typically, it will be autowired and returns the coldbox plugin.

This 2nd application that uses it, is the relax module. It really doesnt use the model. it only has to access it via wirebox, introspect it and write the documentation. Thats why I dont use autowire.

This is very straight forward.

Can you duplicate this issue?