RE: Re: Re: Re: [coldbox:18129] [coldbox 3.5.3] referencing plugin in configure() in wirebox.cfc

Yes, it works if I put that property in a CFC with accessors set to true and let WireBox autowire it. Honestly, I’ve started to lose track of what you’re doing though with the other threads going on today. Is this also the CFC that you have set up as noAutowire() and/or the one with initArgs()? When you dump the variables scope on onDIComplete() what do you see? Are you creating the CFC via WireBox? ie wirebox.getInstance(“CFCName”)? Also, if the initArg approach is the one that’s failing, are you actually taking the utilities puligin in your init method and setting it into variables.utilities = arguments.utilities?

I think you have too many moving parts and need to simply your test case. Maybe you could create a simple stand-alone module that demonstrates the issue and attach it?



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