RE: [version] Coldbox 3.1 vs Coldbox 3.5 and ColdFusion Builder line debugger woes

I migrated a site over to ColdFusion 10, and while I was at it updated Coldbox to V3.5.2 and notice something interesting with line debugging. So to confirm my suspicions I decided to, try both versions to try to narrow down the problem.

And I am not sure I have located it, but I think it is something to do with differences between Coldbox 3.1 and 3.5, and caching.

I am on windows, so can’t confirm or deny if it happens on other configurations, the problem can be duplicated by following these steps.

  1. Place a break point in Application.cfc in the onRequestStart.

  2. Debug application by running debug as

Now with Coldbox 3.1 the line debugger will halt on the line you told it to break on, whereas by replacing the Coldbox version, and restarting the server. Then the next time you try to debug this line, it will not halt.

I first noticed this when trying to debug some modules I am writing for ContentBox, and thought that it might have just been a ColdFusion / Builder problem, that was until I went to do some work on a site using Coldbox 3.1, which allowed the line debugger to work.

Luis, if you’re reading this then I am asking for some help in locating this some more. I am assuming at this stage it is only Coldbox and wish to try to eliminate more variables, if I can. But at this stage, it appears to be Coldbox and caching. I tried to find out how this works in Coldbox 3.5 core files, but I can’t seem to find out how or if they are actually cached.

So if it is not a caching, then maybe something else.

Any thoughts any one?

Well it might not be cacheBox, but ehCache…

I am jumping at straws here, because I am wanting to debug in the line debugger with ContentBox, and the debugger will never fire. Yet ColdBox sites I have here running ColdBox 3.1 run fine, the moment I swapped it for ColdBox 3.5 the site refused to break point, switch it back to ColdBox 3.1 and it would break on that line.

So my conclusion was that I had no caching going on in my site, so it leaves ColdBox as a source to look at for the problem, and I just can’t seem to find a difference between 3.1 and 3.5 that would cause this.