Redirecting to SSL

I was wondering if there was a way (or even a plugin that I didn't
find!) that would allow an event to look at getPlugin
('Utilities').isSSL(), which returns false, do a relocate() to the
secure site, but allow the RC to be persisted?

You can do setNextEvent/Route() calls with persist="thisRCvar,
thatRCvar", but I don't know of a way to do a cflocation with similar
functionality. I would imagine it would involve storing the packet in
the session (or other scope), and then the receiving page to detect
that url parameter and pickup the stored information.

I've written similar situations, but was hoping there might be
something easy in Coldbox.

HI, use the persistVariables() method. This way, you can persist and then use whatever means of relocating you desire. Look in the framework super type API docs.