registered layouts

I am trying to understand Registered Layouts.

I have a group of Registered Layouts in my Coldbox.cfc

layouts = [

{ name = “email_html”,

file = “Layout.Email.HTML.cfm”,

views = “link/email/linkto.html,login/email/lostPassword.html”


{ name = “email_text”,

file = “Layout.Email.Text.cfm”,

views = “link/email/linkto.text,login/email/lostPassword.text”



How do I use the registered layout?

what I want to do is renderView(‘login/email/lostPassword.text’) where it renders the layout and returns me a variable. is this possible?

Something like var myBodyContent = renderView(‘login/email/lostPassword.text’);

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If you are using renderView, it will only render the view and no layout… If you want to explicitly render your view with a layout you can use

**[renderLayout](**``([any layout], [any view=''], [any module=''])

Curt Gratz

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