Reminder: ColdBox with Luis Majano | OCDev April Meeting Today

Hi all,

This is just a reminder that we have our OCDev meeting tonight with
the topic ColdBox.

We are lucky that we have the first voice on the topic with Luis
Majano at our meeting and the meeting will start at 6:30 PM.

You can find details on our website

If everything works as expected, Adobe Connect session will be at the
following URL at 6:30 PM PT.

If you also want to participate to our ping pong tournament, please
arrive at 5 PM.

See you ...


Oğuz Demirkapı

NicheClick Media

OCDev UG Manager

AHHHH, I didn’t know you will have ping pong!! I would have planned for that!!

2009/4/8 Oğuz Demirkapı <>

You got me at foosball!! Let’s do it? When, Where, how?


2009/4/8 Charlie Griefer <>

Mr. Majano,

You are expected to be here at 5 PM. :slight_smile:

I will add your name to the list.

Check the results from our last one:


2009/4/8 Charlie Griefer <>

You can reach the presentation recordings via following link.

And the photos from the meeting.

Luıs, thanks again for great presentation.

Again....Great presentation Luis!

Very important question: Who won the ping pong tournament!!