renderData() replace cfheader/cfcontent?

Hey all,
so we have an issue and thought maybe someone here could help me. CB 2.6.3, CF9, IE9.
we are using the following code example (from a ben nadel post):

This is some cool text.

This is suppose to open a dialog box to download the text file. In IE8 works great, but in IE9, it does not. I have no idea why, so thought maybe renderData function could replace our cfheader/content, but not sure…i have tried to throw it in a few places, but no luck…as you see we are using cfsavecontent to generate some content…in our real app that cfsavecontent has a lot more junk in it than simple text.

So, does renderData really replace cfheader/cfcontent, and would it be a better way to render a download box for excel/word docs?
If it is basically the same as cfheader/cfcontent, does anyone here have any thoughts to why the code above would not bring up a download box in IE9 but does in IE8 (also works in FF)?

Thanks for the info and any help on my issue.


If it works in IE8, have you tried compatability mode in IE9 for IE8?

If that works, then you could force a meta tag for IE9 to alwasy end up in IE8 compatability.

yeah tried that and it did not work. So, from your comment, this does not seem to be something you have run into before?

Not really no, the only solution I could even think of is to give the full path to the file, other than that I am not sure what else to try. Apart from maybe whitespace before the cfcontent maybe.

try sendFile() in the fileUtils plugin. maybe it works differently.