Rendering a view within a service

I have written a process which sends bulk emails asynchronously.

Each time a handler is invoked, a service method ‘processEmailQueue’ is called which iterates over a number of available threads, each thread grabbing 10 records from the outstanding queue, building the content of the email for that user and sending it to the SMTP server.

I want to be able to generate the content of the email from a view, passing in the data from that user to be rendered. If this was a handler I would do something like

var emailContent = renderView( view="/email/emailtemplate", args=userData );

What would be the best way of doing this from within the service? Or should the process which creates the threads and generates the content take place in a handler, calling service methods?


In your model, you add this:

property name=“renderer” inject=“provider:coldbox:renderer”;


and then call the view from your service method:


view = “email/emailtemplate”,
args = userData


You should be able to ask WireBox for an instance of “renderer@coldbox” which is the core rendering helper. This is a transient, and you need a new instance of the renderer for each view (or at least don’t re-use the same renderer instance in two threads at the same time).

You can then ask the renderer to render your view for you. In this example, we inject a provider which will return a new object every time you call get().

property name=“renderer” inject=“provider:coldbox:renderer”;

var html = renderer.get().renderExternalView( view="/models/email_templates/password_reset" );



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