Rendering Blox content


The blog post will rendered using renderView() by default. I like to have only the excerpts being displayed only to keep the page user friendly.

I could looping over the blog posts and could use #entry.getExcerpt()# to get the posts.
Is this the “offical” way?

I’m asking, while searching for a helper function. And as you know, the helper CFC covers mostly everything, but no this one…



That displays it, but there is also entry.hasExcerpt() to check if the entry actually has an excerpt.

Yes, if you selected already a post, maybe from a loop. I’m asking for an idea to get the excerpt from all posts in a smooth way.

Silly me… the template entry,cfm, which will be used by default, offers everything. I think, i have to change the if statement
<cfif entry.hasExcerpt() and cb.isIndexView()>

by removing the check for cb.isIndexView()****.

Will this try this out…

Thanks anyway

by removing the check for cb.isIndexView()****.

Nope, this is wrong.

Actually the template should work as i wish already, but it renders a blog entry completely. It looks like that <cfif entry.hasExcerpt()> will never be true, even if post has an excerpt. Strange …

Hi Martin,

You’ve lost me a bit now.

The entry.cfm template is designed to work on both the blog index pages and the entry details pages. If you remove cb.isIndexView() from the if statement and the entry has an excerpt it displays the excerpt on both pages.


Yep, i realized this. I’m wondering, why the full content will be displayed in every case and not the excerpt…

My blog works now as expected, great!

Good stuff, what was it you did?

I’m actually working on a new contentbox theme to use for my blog. I will share when it’s in a working state.

Hi Richard,

I’m also working on a theme using a different CSS-framework called YAML. I also use Awesome Font very often to avoid any static images. This is the reason, why i have to create new code in terms of rendering. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics about ContentBox. If you like, you can checkout the static layout prototype here:

First of all i messed up my version of entry.cfm today being completely unconcentrated. The reason for this might the weekend: the very first sunny and warm weekend since ages, which spent outside :wink:

After reparing the code, moving the if-statements to it’s right place, it works good.

Thanks for the patience…