Replicating bugtracers behavior with logbox

I recently made the switch from 2.6.3 to 3.1.0, and one of the feature
I miss greatly is the simplicity of being able to set bug tracers to
send me an email every time an exception occurs. I have read the
logbox docs multiple times, but I have not been able to replicate the
exact same behavior.

This is how I have configured it:

    //LogBox DSL
    logBox = {
      // Define Appenders
      appenders = {
        email = {
          properties = {
            subject = "",
            from = "myemail",
            to = "myemail"
      // Root Logger
      root = { levelMin = "FATAL", levelMax = "INFO", appenders="*" },
      categories = {
        "email" = { levelMin = "FATAL", levelMax = "FATAL", appenders =
"email" }

Doing this gives me the capability to receive the email, but I also
get additional emails from cachebox and ioc when items are initiated,
which I don't want. I suspected that the root logger is what's
sending the cachebox and ioc info emails, so I set levelMin and
levelMax to "OFF" in the root logger. Unfortunately, that ended up
turning off the email logger for FATAL as well, which is the only one
I want enabled.

Any help would be appreciated.

ps. What is the difference between ERROR and FATAL?