Restarting Railo after updates of ContentBox and Modules


Another strange scenario is jumping around in my head :wink:

Let’s say, we have 20 copies of ContentBox and some Modules on a server. I made the experience, that an update of ContentBox needs an restart of Railo. Today i made the experience that even the installation of an module needs a restart too.

Okay, what happens, if i receive notification, that ContentBox or e.g. Slatwall needs an update. I had to login 20 times, do the updates and restart Railo at the end.
Looks like work :wink:

Let’s asume, that a hosting company does not control every ContentBox installation personally. So, the customers will call me up and asks for an Railo Restart. If the customers are really into a fast update, it could happen, that several customers are asking for this in a day.

So far i learned, a restart of Railo is needed to clear caches, mostly ORM. After updating Slatwall the login to the backend gave an exception. Reloading ORM manually is not possible at this time.

So, i wish a big red master reset thingy, which can be called via URL independendly of any login. The folder behind the URL can be protected with an .htaccess file.

What do you think about this?


I have experienced that whenever you change entities in Railo, you need to do an ormreload() as they are cached.

So for updates you only need to do ormreload(). And actually, ContentBox updates do this automatically for you.

However, if you will be doing them manually, I would suggest that you script the following:


With those two commands, everything should kick in. We use Railo in our production servers and whenever I do updates for ContentBox, the ContentBox auto-updater does that and it goes smooth.


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Cool and simple, i will try this at the next update situation.

Thank you