Revisited: Problem with wirebox inside unit tests

Luis, this doesn’t appear to be a problem with unitTests as application is throwing the same error.

Here is a little more of a background, I have this running fine on my test server. I copied this over to another server to test it in a staging solution, and I am getting this problem. Now the strange thing is that the code is identical, same ColdBox version and everything.

So this might be a config error that I am not able to identify.

Now this is a module, and I have a directory called services inside the module. I prefer to keep my models and services separate, which is why I do this. To overcome this I have the following code to make sure that wireBox can search this directory.


And this is working perfectly on my development server, however this appears to not be working on my staging server.

property name=“forumService” inject="model:forumService ";

As I get the following error on my stage server, I have looked everywhere to see what might be happening that is different between the two machines. All the configs look fine to me, so I am stumped now.

Oops! Exception Encountered

Application Execution Exception

Error Type: Expression : [N/A]
Error Messages: Variable FORUMSERVICE is undefined.


Andrew Scott

I take it nobody has any thoughts on this?


Andrew Scott

Anyone have any clues where I might look?


Andrew Scott