Round of updates

Hi everybody.

It was quite for a while (Hey I take vacations also you know!)

But now we are back and pushing the throttle once more. We have added a bunch of new things as finally we shape up for a public release soon.


  • Approval Links on emails
  • Publishing Dates are now considered
  • Railo compatibility updates
  • *nix case fixes
  • pagination fixes
  • filtering submission fixes
  • SES routing fixes for running on take over mode


  • If you are in take over mode, the blog now takes over the SES routing in order now, before it was more of a hack than a solution. Now it evens appends all parent routing after blogbox routes.
  • Password protection is now online for pages and blog entries, so you can create secure content now with simple passwords
  • Archives are now operational. layouts now require a “Archives.cfm” that present the archived views and filters. Both default skins are now updated to use Archives SES URLs
    /archives/year/month/day or /archives/year/month or /archives/year or /archives
  • New Archives widget to allow you to showcase your archived content anywhere. We even build a new HQL utility that transforms nasty HQL array reports to nice array of structs.
  • Lots of mini fixes and updates

One major thing is that BlogBox will only be supported on 3.5 and above due to the layout engine updates on 3.5. So please update your coldbox core to the development branch.

Once again, please test test test and let us know how the project is shaping up. We still have lots to do but we are getting there.

Busy prepping for MAX, but I look forward to taking a look after I get back!