Routes without SES?

Hi there,

I've setup an event which handles our application's logout and I was
wonder if there was a way in ColdBox that I could make this


call this event .... login.doLogout .... without me.....

a) Setting up the SES plugin - Not a requirement for this project so
we've not set it up
b) Creating an extra handler just for logout
c) Use - login.logout - which doesn't read nice to me and doesn't
indicate this is a processing event

I thought I might be able to setup something in routes.cfm but this
seems to only be enabled when I setup SES, is that right?

Any ideas appreciated.


P.S. I'm running ColdBox 3.0.0. M6

You need to set up the coldbox.system.interceptors.SES in your ColdBox config to use routes.

interceptors = [

If you can’t setup the SES interceptor you could write a new interceptor that looked at the cgi query var for your keyword and then manually redirect your event.

Lot more work/bug potential than just setting up SES interceptor–but it’s nit that hard and would meet your requirements.

Aaron Greenlee
Twitter: aarongreenlee

Thanks guys,

Some great feedback and ideas :-).

I'd personally like the SES, as it seems like the cleanest option, but
I need to leave it for now.

I like the interceptor idea though so thanks Aaron I'll give it a
look :slight_smile: