Running Command Box without internet access

I would like just to run Command Box on a Raspberry Pi connected to my computer via a ethernet cable. I can start command box… then I run the following command…
server start host= port=8080 directory=/www/8080 directoryBrowsing=false saveSettings=true

The IP of the eth0 is the same as the host. If I’ve got it connected to a network that has internet access (home) it starts and I’m able to test cfm code/web pages no issue. But when it does not have access to the internet it fails.

I look and see it errors on a get

I acknowledge I don’t have internet access. Is there a way to run this without internet access? If there is not any good information on installing Lucee on a raspberry pi without using commandbox?

What version of CommandBox are you using. The latest (3.1.1) has a known behavior of connecting to ForgeBox to determine the latest version of the CF engine it can start.

To work around this, upgrade to the latest bleeding edge release of CommandBox (3.2) here:

When you specify a specific version number for your cf engine it will not check Forgebox. I think starting it without the “cfengine” param should default it to “lucee@” which is a specific version.



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Thank you. I’ll give that a try. the version I have at the time is 3.1.1+0038 . I’ll try to either specify the server version or update to bleeding edge.