Samples over https

Hi all,
I am just getting started with CB and would like to fire up some
samples. I am working with an IIS server that only accepts traffic on
443, but it seems that all of the samples are hardcoded with http. Is
there an easy way to change the default base URL for an application?


I changed mine in routes.cfm under config.

works great!

I did try that, and fwreinit, but it's still going to http://{server}.
Any other ideas?

you changed the setBaseURL parameter?

<cfif len(getSetting("AppMapping")) lte 1>
  <cfset setBaseURL("https://#cgi.HTTP_HOST#/index.cfm")>
  <cfset setBaseURL("https://#cgi.HTTP_HOST#/#getSetting('AppMapping')#/

this worked for me. but besides this I think Luis added a parameter to
buidLink to signify if its over ssl or not...

thats all I got. hope that helps :slight_smile:

Wow. I am so sorry. I had thought that there were other examples
failing, but I can't seem to find them now. The one that was getting
me was the FLEX sample that uses the coldboxproxy.cfc. I'm sure there
is more to this, but I can't find how to change it.

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Thanks for this post. I'm in the same situation - having an entire
site (military) that requires ssl accross the board. I will
definitely be happy not to have to set the ssl=true attribute in each
setNextRoute, setNextEvent, and buildLink functions. I think it would
also be a good idea for the framework's config to have an ssl=(true|
false) setting. Then, any function that hard-codes http or https
could verify that setting. This could possibly also be set using the
custom settings area as well.

Thanks again for your post.

Take a look at the SSL interceptor in the code depot.

I have. Unfortunately the interceptor can only be "triggered" once
you're in the application which means that you have to open up port 80
to get to the app, then the interceptor can switch you over to https.
I have locked down IIS so that port 80 just tells you that it must be
viewed over a secure channel and then redirects you to it.
I think in order to get the flex sample working I'm going to have to
recompile it with the proper URL, but I've tried to open the mxml file
in flexbuilder, but there's not much there since the sample uses the

Hi Guys,

I think the SSL issue getting allot heat.

Give us some time and definitely we will roll out better SSL support
for v2.6.3


Please see my post.

If you are using ses routing, you can do this by just setting the base url on the routes.cfm as https. That’s it!!

<cfset setBaseURL(“”)>

Then buildlink, setnextevent,setnextroute, will USE that setting.

That is all that there is to it.

as stated. that what I did Luis!

it's a piece of cake...