I take the next step by moving all CSS stuff into SASS/SCSS. The reason why i have choosen SASS/SCSS: My favorite CSS framework YAML supports SASS/SCSS.
I think this will open new doors.

I anybody interested to see how i organize SASS/SCSS into a ContentBox project?


That would be great Martin, we had a half sass ColdBox plugin in the repository as well.

Actually a very old bug in compass is my show stopper of the day. I had the plan to store the core files of the CSS framework outside of the themes. They import the project files and need to be in the same space.
So, i tried to use a variable in the scss-file pointing to the project files.Variables are working in almost all places but not in an @import ;-(

Maybe i will find a solution. If not, i have to store even the core files on per theme base. I hate redundant stored files…
I use since while my own CDN-space to share common stuff like Font Awesome, jQuery and other JS-Gadgets.

A ColdBox plugin for a SASS/SCSS compiler would be great to have. If available, a user could change e.g. the colors of its ContentBox theme in the Admin-UI. That would be big WOW.

Is this code somewhere? It’s worthy to check it out.


Go for it.

I understand why this plugin is only half ready. The functionality of compass must build with CFML which isn’t an easy and fast thing. I would go to the more easier way by using Compass and generating the commandline parameters with CFML.


I found “Web Resource Optimizer for Java”, which could allow to compile SASS/SCSS at runtime.
This cool software crunches almost everything.



Good case to make a modile

Yep, true. A good opportunity for me to learn to deal with java and CFML :wink:

Hi Martin,

I had a quick look Wro4j. We can build Java manager like this as com.coldbox.Wro4jManager for processing css, js, less and can attach with CacheBox.

Sounds great, something to do for the new year.