_securedURL key custom interceptors


is the _securedURL key only provided if I use the built in security
interceptor? What if I create a custom interceptor or even use an
onRequestStart method of handling application authentication. I wanna
be able to "provide a seamless login experience" and I'm not using the
built-in security interceptor.

Also if this isn't the case, what would be a good practice to create
my own "last request" key?

any thoughts?

You would have to create your own.

All I do for this is do a relocation and use ColdBox flash persistance using either the persistVariables() method or the persist,varstruct arguments of setnextevent or setnextroute


what would be best practice to use the persistVariables() method to
persist the requested event. the reason why Im asking is because Im
using the overrideEvent() (rather than setNextEvent()) within my
preProcess, and I wanna pass the requested event to an eventhandler to
then there redirect...

thanks in advance

Hi Salomoko,

I think you should use sessionstorage plugin to persist the values,
also make sure you clear the values after actions.


awesome Sana. thanks.

it worked out. however where do you see that I clear the session

not sure where I should do this?

Clear all session vars: getPlugin("sessionstorage").clearAll()

Session var exists: getPlugin("sessionstorage").exists('mysessionvar')


Hi Salomoko,

Use postHandler() to clear the session variables. I would suggest to read this docs.

Also Coldbox Life cycle is cool to understand when/where things should be placed for actions.