SecurityService and Routes endless loop

Ok, I know I am doing something wrong here but it isn’t working the way I thought it would.

First Problem




I assumed that this would secure everything, and it looks like it is as it ends up in an endless loop. Now I am in dire need for the variable names to work here as well, and it appears that this is not working either.

Luis if you are reading I know we discussed this once before and I don’t/can’t see the answer if any that we came up with.

Here is the routes.


Now here is the scenario :spaceName can be anything, and I wish to secure anything that can go here, and when like above I wish to be able to redirect to this as well. This is important that the :spaceName persist across the URL because it is tied into database name, application name and a few other things. So if this is not in the URL even with a redirection I am losing the application scope settings.

I hope this makes sense.


Andrew Scott

If anyone is interested I was able to modify the core code and get it working, however I have not given it a proper test as yet but it seems to work ok.

Around line 418 of the controller I made the following change.

if(arguments.persist != ‘’) {

var test = oRequestContext.getCollection();

relocationURL = ‘/’ & listLast(evaluate(‘test.#arguments.persist#’), ‘/’);

} else {

relocationURL = oRequestContext.getSESBaseURL();


There is maybe a better way, but this works for me.


Andrew Scott