Server start add webXml parameter

In the server start command I see that I can set a webXml parameter.


Aliases: start

Start a CFMLserver

numeric port = “0” (port number)
boolean openbrowser = “true” (open a browser after starting)
string directory = “” (web root for this server)
string name = “” (short name for this server)
numeric stopPort = “0” (stop socket listener port number)
boolean force = “false” (force start if status is not stopped)
boolean debug = “false” (sets debug log level)
string webConfigDir = “” (custom location for railo web context configur
string serverConfigDir = “” (custom location for railo server configurat
string libDirs = “” (comma separated list of extra lib directories for t
he Railo server)
string trayIcon = “” (path to .png file for tray icon)
string webXml = “” (path to web.xml file used to configure the Railo ser


How can I set the webXml?

I have tried something like:

server start -webXml C:\Users\Francesco\.CommandBox\server\custom\Tropical20\web.xml

Good question Francesco. I’ve actually never used that parameter, but it’s part of the RunWar project of Denny’s (He help created the start command).
I’ll ping him and see if he can contribute some info to this thread. In the mean time, you can dig through the code to see what that parmeter does. The command calls the ServerService which eventually calls the Java code in RunWare that is located here:



ColdBox Platform Evangelist
Ortus Solutions, Corp

ColdBox Platform:

We added that functionality for our Preside start command (we wanted to be able to specify a bunch of specific Railo settings, etc.). You can see how we’re using that argument here: (line 99 is where we actually set that argument, though you’ll need to dig a bit further to get the gist).