SES buildLink interaction with ConfigAutoReload=true

It's possible I'm out of my head, but it appears that with
ConfigAutoReload=true, buildLink only includes 'index.cfm' on the
request when I click the Reinitialize Framework button. After that, it

It took me quite a while to figure out why I wasn't getting usable
buildLink URLs, when I had been before, but that seems to be the
pattern. I'm very new to ColdBox, and at the very early stages of an
app, so auto reload just simplifies development, except for this

Can anyone confirm, or point me to some other bits I've got wrong to cause that?


Using ConfigAutoReload on every request is a bit of overkill for development. I suggest that you set it to false. You can use index.cfm?fwreinit=1 to reload ColdBox when you need to.

Thanks John, that's where I've ended up, both for the overkill reason
and because my links didn't work. Just wondering if what I was seeing
was "normal", or the result of something I did or didn't do.