SES rewrite and IIS 7.5

Hi all,

I strongly encourage you setup "Failed Request Tracing" in IIS and
also to download a patched freb.xsl file (you can get here:

Here's an article on it:

There are many more too... I find this to be invaluable, especially h
\if you have large and/or complex rewrites and redirects using IIS7.

Good luck,

If you already have .htaccess files, I can’t say this often enough. Check out Helicon Tech Ape.

Hi Andrew,

No Problem…

Uggh well in typical IIS fashion…

I had to request someone install the failed request tracing feature, as well as configure some authentication on the server.

After they restarted the server the rewrites were miraculously working. [insert your favourite stream of expletives to express your frustration]


Maybe it was a case that IIS itself just need a restart.

Well I had tried reloading the site and also stopping IIS from within the inetmgr, so one would assume that this would be sufficient.

~shrug~ perhaps I should have gone into the service manager and actually stopped all the IIS related services from there.

Who knows.

Yes one would assume, and I think the service or the inetmgr wouldn’t make a difference.