SES routing question

I have a site that I recently converted to 3.1. I wasn’t using SES prior to the upgrade. My site can be accessed using multiple URLs.

URL 1:
URL 2:

I’ve turned on SES and now it seems that the when I access it is changing the baseURL to It’s only happening when the url doesn’t specify a handler/event so works fine.

My routes.cfm looks like the below. The way I understand this it should leave the base path alone.

// Base URL
if( len(getSetting(‘AppMapping’) ) lte 1){

Any ideas?


You need to set the base URL on the request context as you are serving requests from the same application on multiple domains. We have a multi-domain SES interceptor on forgebox.

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Thanks. It’s nothing but an interceptor with a preprocess function. So if I use this do I remove the setBaseURL code from the routes.cfm?

That interceptor fixed it. Thanks.