SES URL Routing - Resolving Includes Directory

Hi - I'm very new to the Coldbox framework and I'm just trying to fine
tune my configuration. I have SES Routing turned on as well as my URL
Rewrite rules in place and it's working properly, however the includes
directory is not resolving ie.. the Coldbox logo on the welcome page.

So http://localhost/MyApp/General/Index is working but the image
src="includes/images/Colbox.png" is not resolving. If I open the
image to a new window, it's looking for

I understand why this is happening, but I'm wondering if there is a
setting or param I can access in Coldbox? Or will anything pointed to
includes have to use:

/#getSetting('appMapping')#/includes/.... (i don't necessarily want to
use absolute paths)

Basically, Is there anyway to use relative paths? Thanks!


Richard, This is an intricacy of HTML since you are rewriting it. The tag “” Should do the trick. Usually what I do is the following:

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