SES URL's on apache

Hi guys,

This is more of an apache question, but there are probably many of you on the list who have done this for your coldbox setup.

I'm running apache on OSX and need to get mod_rewrite working. in my httpd.conf I have uncommented this line: LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/apache2/ and restarted apache, however I am not able to resolve SES URL's in my coldbox apps.

is there anything else that needs to be done in order to get this working in conjunction with the .htaccess files in CB apps?

Luis, I was finally able to get Codex working on my system. Now need to get the SES URL's working so I can use it! :slight_smile:

Any guidance on this is truly helpful. Thanks all and hope you have a great weekend.


I think in the Mac there is a flag that disables .hracces files to be read but can't remember what it was. I'll respond on e I remember

Isn't that the AllowOverride directive in Apache?

You might also check the Apache logs in case there is an error starting up the rewrite module.