setNextEvent and Pass Request Collection?


I am using Coldbox 3.x M5.

I am using this code in my event handler to send the user to a
confirmation page.

<cfset setNextEvent(event="ehMain.dspConfirmation") />

I'd like to know how I can pass the whole request collection structure
to this page. Basically I want to redisplay some data on this page as
opposed to querying my database to get it. I tried using the
"persist" attribute and it works, but I have to provide a comma
delimited list of values which will work, but I'd rather just pass in
a struct.

1. How can I pass in a struct if at all?

2. How can I read the data on the other side? I've heard of this
Flash Ram, but I'm not sure if that is what it's meant for.

Any help appreciated


  1. This is a perfect use case for the flash. You can put the data into the flash with a certain key and on other side, you’d check to see if the flash had that key. If it does, then you’d get the data. There is even a “persistRC()” method that may be useful to you. Play around with it. Docs have some examples.

  • Gabriel

Haven't tried this out, but thanks, looks promising. I will read the