SetNextEvent and QueryString

Hi folks,

I have a form that submits to a handler event and executes the following:

if(userService.validateEmailUpdate(rc.contactid, EQ false){
//email address already in use
rc.error = “Email Address ( is already in use.”;

Essentially I’m redirecting and passing the original query string parameters back to the form using the queryString param of setNextEvent()

This works fine and my form loads up properly with the original data (sort of like a postback) however if I refresh my page after setNextEvent() occurs I get an error saying that rc.contact_hash doesn’t exist despite it being in the query string.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong or why the error occurs when I refresh?



You sure it is not the persistent flash ram contents. Flash RAM only lives for one relocation, If you want it to persist longer you need to tell the Flash RAM to keep it for a longer bit.

Thanks Luis,

Is there way to do that (via parameter) when using setNextEvent, or is this done another way? What I don’t understand though is that the redirect appends the query parameters successfully and one of the query string parameters is the rc.contact_hash variable. After the redirect is complete I refresh the page and it doesn’t find the rc.contact_hash var which is in the URL/Querystring Thanks for clarifying.


Hi Nolan,

You can use runEvent() instead of setNextEvent() this will solve the
issue but the browser don't show the "runned" event name in the URL.