setNextEvent not working on new server

I have an app written in Coldbox 3.5 on an Ubuntu/Railo/Tomcat box and it all works well.
I’ve moved the app to an older server using Centos 5/Railo/Resin and using the latest ColdBox 3.6.

My problem is that setNextEvent doesn’t work on the server I have moved the app to.
I’m using SES mode and have set up my routes correctly.

For example, if my setNextEvent is: setNextEvent(“cart”) , then all it does is stay on the current page.
It does hit the event that contains the setNextEvent code, but just seems to be ignoring it.

If I enter the event directly into the address bar e.g., then it works.

Any ideas?


Can you show us sample code that shows how your using the setNextEvent()?

It was a problem with my baseURL :slight_smile: