setNextRoute, setNextEvent should be one method?


Is there no setNextXXXX method, that will work with either SES or
not ? If i decide later that i do not want to use SES for some reason,
i would have to find and replace all the setNextRoutes.

setNextXXX seems, to me, an internal method that just says what the
next event is, so it should have an internal way of describing the
next event. SES url's are just about how the url appears to the user,
but its a bit strange we should actually bother with SES url's when

I would like to override the setNextEvent method, in a way it will
make a call to setNextRoute in case SES is on. Is there a way to
easily change the non-SES event notation to the SES event notation?



setNextEvent will decide if there SES enabled then use route otherwise
normal url params

Here is more info

coldbox 2.6.2 is coming soon and will have this feature as you