Settings Collision...

I am sure I am just overlooking something, but I am having an issue where settings from some apps are using the settings of another.

Here is my complete scenario

I have one set of core code in a local, let’s call it “core”

Then I have may apps that use that “core” code, including extending the “core” coldbox config file and using their applications specific settings.

These applications run off different subdomains, and each subdomain might have 1-n of this app runnings

Now the only time I am seeing this issue with settings being overwritten in when the folder name (“app1” in the above example) is the same across multiple subdomains, then settings for whichever app was initialed first on the server are used for all apps living in the folder named “app1”.

I have checked the application names and they are unique (set to hash(getCurrentTemplatePath())) and each subdomain is a different folder on the server, so that is unique, and the internal coldbox appHash is unique, but somehow, it is using the wrong configuration file in this scenario.

The “core” config file has its settings set like

Setting = {




And then each app extends the “core” config and implements their own version of getSetting1() and getSettinga(), etc. When the broken app fires, it is using calling the getSetting1() from the first application initialized and not its own, which is very confusing.

Anything you can see I am missing.