Sharing sessions between apps

I am setting up CFMBB ( on my site. I would
like to do something similar to what Louis has done with Galleon on
the ColdBox site by heading the page with my stuff and dropping in
CFMBB below. However, unlike Galleon, there is no ColdBox port for
CFMBB. So, I am trying to figure out the best way to share the header

I have content in my header that is driven by session scoped data like
'My Account', 'you are logged in as...’ etc. Without spending the
time to being CFMBB into ColdBox, I would like to have that session
info available to me. I could put everything in an iframe, but I'd
rather not. Do you guys know if there is a good way to share session
data between 2 apps? Or can someone speak to a best practice for a
situation like this?

I hacked something similar together as I was rewriting part of a legacy app in ColdBox by giving the legacy application the same name as the ColdBox app. (hash of application.cfc path)

I wouldn't necessarily recommend that if they truly are two separate apps, though. You have a number of persistent locations you can store such information.. cookie scope, server scope, database.
One time I even used the remote proxy in ColdBox and hit it with a CFHTTP from the same box to call a ColdBox login service from a portion of the app that was still legacy code. Once again, a little hacky but it worked for the time when I needed it.


Thanks for the ideas Brad! This turned out to be far less of a hack or a kludge than I thought it was going to be. Thank God for CFOOP!

I lucked up on 2 things. One, there is a clear separation of view and model in CFMBB (controller code is at the top of the views.) And two, CFMBB uses it’s own cookie/database session tracking method and not CF session scope. On every page load application.cfm checks for the session cookie and compares it to active sessions in the database.

All I had to do was build a CFMBB Interface into my model that instantiates the components I need from the CFMBB CFCs. So, when my model creates or updates a user, it calls its methodological counterpart in the ‘ForumInterface’. The same goes for logging in and logging out…I create the session and session cookie for CFMBB from my interface. Then, I just removed all of the ‘sign up’, ‘log in’, ‘log out’, links from the CFMBB view code, threw my header and footer on there, and voila