simple bolg issue

Detail: A request was made to a resource the could not be located
Missing file:

<cfargument name="configClassPath" type="string"
required="false" default=""
hint="The default transfer configuration object. Alter at will."/>

What should I do? Do I need change the default value?

What version of ColdFusion are you using?

Andrew Scott


Do you have transfer installed on your machine? Also do you have it mapped and available to your application?

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

The path looks fine if Transfer is in the web root or you’ve created a CF mapping.

Jason Durham

cf7, BlueDragon 7.1, coldbox 2.6.4

No, I just want to run that simple blog...

The simple blog will need transfer installed. View the readme for installation instructions.

All of the sample applications have been updated for ColdBox 3.0 or greater, so you will need that.

Here is a quick tutorial on installing the sample apps.

Curt Gratz

Curt Gratz, Jason Durham, Andrew Scott

Problem solved, updated to coldbox 3.0 and install transfer...

Thanks lot.