Sitcky session not working propely with colbox 2.6

I am using Coldbox 2.6 and I am having an issue with the user sessions.
Our production boxes are clustered behind a load balance using sticky sessions.

So essentially what is happening is that for some unknown reason when the user is logged in in one of the servers, (let’s call it IP98) and after a while he sends a new request, (let’s call it event = user.searchuser) the user is being redirected to the index page (like if he is not logged in at all) and the request seems to be treated as if it was a completely new request. makes sense?

I have a label that tells me in which one of the servers the user is at. So he initially was logged in in IP98 and the new request(user.searchuser) was sent to IP104(the other server) why?.

I checked with my server company to be sure my “sticky session” was set up correctly and yes it was. So now my new theory is that i need to set up something in coldbox.

One weird thing… I have a security interceptor that sends the user to a “security login” page if the user doesn’t have a session or if the username and pass are incorrect or if the session is expired etc. Well when the user sends the new request(event = user.searchuser) he is being redirected to the index page like if he was accessing for the first time. Sometimes the problem gets worse that even when the user is being redirected to the index (login page) and he logs in and again (immediately) he is redirected to the index page again like if the event (user.dologin) was not being called at all…

As a real example I have this request:

I am using flidder and found out that after the user calls the event=user.usersearch the response came back with the following header : HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily. And this is the new url

I searched coldbox group info and I saw something similar where the application name needs to be the same in both server in application.cfc.
I checked in both servers and they have the same setting :

I also have these settings in my Aplication.cfc … (Let me know if I set up something I shouldnt :slight_smile: )

This is my interceptor settings in coldbox.xml.cfc

I love colbox and have been working on it for a while but this problem is making users complain about it all the time. I am in a need to find a solution to this!!! I have tried a lot of different things and nothing works… So any help will be really appreciate for EVER!!! Thanks I hope to hear from you soon.