Site export/import

Ok, one more before I go to bed. This is just an off-the-wall, feature I would like to see at some point in time.

A web-based interface (in the admin) to export your entire ContentBox site (config, content, uploads) as well as import content back into an existing site or a new site.

We could use an XML file, or perhaps a zip file if you were including binaries in there (such as uploaded images which were part of the content or skins). Of course, we have to version it and all that junk, so I have illusions of it being easy,but I think there would be value in that feature.

And along the lines of installing a new site, I really like the wizard that Mura uses which even will set up your data source for you if you want. We could do something similar which would walk people through the first few steps of getting their config set up.