Solitary Security Module

I am hoping to get some feedback/help on the module. This is extremely raw version (0.1) so please be kind! There are a couple things you should know before downloading it.

  • there is still some refactoring that needs to be done.
  • there is no data validation on add user/role yet, coming soon

I will work on getting a video up tonight or tomorrow that should explain the what/why/how in a little bit more detail

check that…I can’t make the video until I figure out whats going on with the module layouts… see other thread :wink:

Set the views and parent lookup to false Dan, this will ensure that the layout and view is loaded from the module before the main conventions.


Andrew Scott

No I want the parent to override the module…

The module layouts are just there so you can install it and run it but ultimately you want all of these views under the parent apps look and feel. I am saying that the module views are showing fine but when I create a parent layout its not overriding like it says it should.

The overrides in the parent work if you override it using the modules
directory. It is on the docs