Some questions

I finally got contentBox up and running. I did have one issue, I had
to comment out commentService.countWhere(isApproved=true) from
contentbox-admin/dashboard, as it gave me errors regarding isApproved
and case (ISAPPROVED). From what I gather, this is a railo issue, so
I'll leave this for now.

1. ContentBox seems to "take over" my main app; is there a way of
stopping this?
2. I'd like to use contentBox for multiple sites - not have to install
it many times for different sites I manage. In my existing CMS, I'd do
a simple host lookup on session start: grab the cgi.http_host, look it
up in the database, get a "siteID", inject that into the session, and
then all the pages, users, layouts and views were then based on that
siteID within the session; so in essence, I had one instance of the
CMS, but every website looked different. I realise contentBox is still
in beta, and I might have to fork it to achieve what I want, but I was
wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how easy this could be to
achieve, the best way to achieve this, and whether anyone else felt
functionality like this was desirable?

Other than that, I found it surpising easy to just drop contentBox
into an existing application! :slight_smile:



Right, forget the first question - simply adding an entrypoint resolved

Tom the second question is in our requirements. We will have this where it looks at the host name and detects the site you are on. We will also add two more methods. One via a URL parameter or prefix. The third would be a custom component call where the developer can decide.

Again these are in our requirements

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That's awesome news!

Thanks for the update - I'll keep my eye out :slight_smile: