Something on BeanFactory's autowire cache

Just wanted to note something I came across about the autowire cache
in the BeanFactory. Since the BeanFactory is a singleton, its cache
lives for the life of the application. The implication is that if you
rename a function in development both functions will be available in
subsequent requests.

To test this use getModel() and dump its metadata. Rename one of the
functions and on the next dump you'll see both functions are there.

I'm not sure at the implications on production when the metadata
shouldn't be changing on each request but this threw me for a loop
developing today when I changed a function name and didn't encounter
any errors.

Ideally this would be a setting, the scope of the cache, request vs
application but that probably is a lot of refactoring of the cache out
of the component instance which may have trade offs in the speed
gained so I am just throwing this out there....