sortOrder on criteriaQuery with ORM

I'm trying to do a sortOrder on two columns, 'type' and 'seq'.

I'm attempting to do it with this:

  var restrictions = categoryService.getRestrictions();
  var criteria = [Restrictions.isNotNull("type")];
<cfset prc.category =
ASC", asQuery=false)>

However I'm getting the error of:

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: org.hibernate.QueryException : [N/A]
Error Messages: could not resolve property: type,seq of: Category

How do I sort on two different columns?

You have to put qualifiers on each for desc and asc

<cfset prc.category =
ASC,seq ASC", asQuery=false)>

That did the trick...


Actually, that isn't returning the results correctly... It got rid of
the error, but upon further inspection, the results aren't right.

I'm trying to replicate this query:

SELECT categoryid, category, sefname, catdescription, catimage, type,
alt, seq
FROM Category
WHERE type is not null
ORDER BY type,seq